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  • Until what time can I buy a ticket?

    Bus tickets can be purchased 24/7, up to 3 hours before bus departure

  • How long in advance can I buy a ticket?

    You can usually buy it a week in advance, but it depends on the transport company.

  • What are the payment methods available?

    It can be purchased with Visa and MasterCard credit cards, debit cards from Guayaquil Bank, Pacifico bank, Produbanco Grupo Proamérica, Pichincha Bank, Austro Bank, Procredit Bank (The successful transaction with debit cards is subject to the approval of each bank).

  • Is there an additional cost for ticket purchase through this web?

    Yes. The cost will be reflected in the payment screen and the collection of this value is authorized by the regulatory body.

  • How far in advance do I have to show up at the terminal?

    For national travel: half an hour in advance.

  • Is it possible to cancel the ticket?

    NO, the tickets purchased through this website have no refunds or changes. Before making the purchase, please review the terms and conditions.

  • How can I print the bus ticket?

    After making the payment it will reflect a screen to print your ticket. Another option is to access the "My passages" button on the initial screen, enter the requested information and reprint your passages.

  • Is the receipt received in my email a tax receipt?

    DO NOT. If you require an official voucher, you should come to the offices of the transport company and print the official voucher with the proof of the online purchase (which contains the ticket code).

  • With the voucher printed from my email account can I get on the BUS?

    YES. To get on the bus you must present the proof of the receipt received in the online purchase plus your identification documents that violate your identity.

  • Can you buy a ticket and send it to an e-mail address that is not your own so that a person other than the person who made the purchase can travel?

    YES. Www.multipasajes.com offers the possibility of acquiring a ticket and sending it to another person's email address. BUT, the data of the passage must be of the person who is going to travel since on boarding the BUS you will be asked for your identification.

  • Can I print the ticket on a non-A4 sheet?

    YES. You will be able to print on any sheet of paper.

  • Does the passage printed on the A4 sheet serve to go directly to the BUS or is it to be exchanged in a ticket office?

    YES. The passage printed through www.multipasajes.com serves to go directly to the bus. It is not necessary to appear at any time in the carrier's box office. Remember to buy your boarding pass on the platform.

  • What happens if a purchase transaction is canceled?

    If an operation is canceled due to an error in processing the operation or by the expiration of the estimated time to make the purchase, you must return to the main page, corroborate that the selected seats are available for sale and make the purchase again. In case the previously selected seats are occupied, please contact our contact point info@multipasajes.com, from Monday to Friday from 8.30hs. At 5:30 p.m.

  • Do I have a time limit to make my purchase?

    YES. You must complete the entire process within 15 minutes of selecting the seats. After that time your reservation will be canceled and you must start the purchase process again.

  • What happens if the search for a city origin, date, destination city does not yield results?

    The system will show you a warning that no trips are available. This can be due to several reasons: that on the selected day there are no services with the indicated origin and destination (since many services do not have daily frequency) or that there are temporary technical problems in the systems of the Carrier Companies. In this particular case we suggest waiting for 20 minutes and redoing the search.

  • Is it possible to purchase discounted tickets?

    DO NOT. Www.multipasajes.com is not authorized by the transport companies to issue discount tickets (student, teacher, retiree, frequent passenger, minor, etc.). The only companies authorized to make discounts are the carriers in their terminals.

  • Is it possible to book a ticket?

    DO NOT. www.multipasajes.com only allows to make purchases.

  • How will the purchase made through www.multipasajes.com appear on the credit card summary?

    In your account statement it will reflect as Paymentez

  • Can you buy a ticket from another country?

    Yes, you can buy with credit cards visa or mastercard

  • Is there a requirement to purchase tickets in case of being a foreigner?

    YES, The passport number must be placed in identification.

  • How do I communicate with www.multipasajes.com?

    YES. From Monday to Friday from 8.30hs. at 17: 30hs using online chat / +593 2242383 / +593 960616255

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